Go Figure

This way I’m talking about is a method: When I’m alone, in whichever situation, I’m the world. It’s a good time to deliberately connect and know who I am, this way I spread from the inside to all. This is good. But my real goal is to penetrate from the outside and bring them in.


Line drawing of a naked woman in which are accentuated her breasts, belly and face in profile

“… one of those drawings that as you look at it you see different things, a nude as the title says, but also the breasts may well be someone’s eyes, and the belly button form a gesture of fear and worry …”


How not to feel down, how not to feel little. I absorb everything and give it back. To leave, to disappear… to come back, to be with you. Again. But I can’t. I don’t try hard enough.

She Angel

Drawing of an angel shaped as a woman

The colored spots are our reality, how we would see it if we didn’t superimpose our definitions to it.

Come back to me

How to know if I’m talking to you or me. A feeling changes inside, as if you’ve arrived or connected. Are you really here? Or is it my desire that makes me feel it?

Hairy Spider

Drawing of a spider made by a child

Thoughts walking on the inner side, entering through the ears or the nose… who knows through where. They scare like bugs.

I can

It was different, the drawing said one thing and my vision, another. But, how could I know which one was true? Then I realized that maybe they complemented, and I tried to superimpose what I was seeing inside my forehead, through metaphoric rays that got out of my eyes, on the figure I had doodled on paper.

Energy Being

Poster of an anthropomorphic being with vortices of energy inside and outside the body

“To control the total energy you just need to be calm and play with everything around you: don’t see harm and there will not be any.”

Getting ready

Here’s two topics: the superimposition of all the states of the body and the picking of one out of the many possibilities available (when referred to a flow of events). I guess these are the two main differences that will start to arise, separating us from that we have been living until now. This can create confusion at first.

I had this dream about you, you were young and old at the same time , it wasn’t really quite at the same time, it was more like a sequence–from young to old–which manifested randomly in an instant. You displayed this way. I had various dreams in which the subjects of my love showed themselves like this or, maybe, I just acknowledged them in this manner.

Were they dreams? Or were they memories of the future? Things to come bring the promise of total freedom. Only freedom entails much more than what we think. We better learn how to administrate resources, for they will be plenty, infinite I dare to say. And infinite resources demand from us a certain training for their fair use.

Blue Eye

Part of a face that melts into a night sky

Sometimes I feel that someone cares for me and follows my every move, that I’m not alone. That I am part of something much bigger than this world.