Flying Cow

Portrait of a flying cow with big lips

I love this cutie. It was a quick sketch, but I could never get rid of her.


“Nothing is more important than that,” he said and evaporated.
How could I’ve ever imagined such a theatrical leave-taking. He’s surely still laughing. The case is that, with time, I came to know he was right. That in the topic’s simplicity lies its importance. The rest, the difficult, the varied, is just a game of the mind, a diversion made up to distract us.


Child drawing in watercolor and crayons: an orange man in a sky-blue stain.

I find it fascinating to see how much meaning hides in this drawing, a simple stain by a child. I wonder what is the mechanism that makes us stop drawing like this.


At the first chapter, he abandons me. Not so much because of a decision made but for being to busy doing stupid things. He was getting married due to some family obligation or to ascend economically.


A face with eyes marked by concentric lines and a huge mouth that insinuates a smile

Sometimes I like to draw faces. This one takes me to the sea.

Could it be true?

I guess sometimes we just need to come up with new ways of reaching the world—”all the people”—to spread info (info that comes through us not via the brain). We only need to stay attentive and do not interfere using thought to get data. Anyone who is connected can do it. To become connected your inner world must be predominant.

Father and Son

Portrait of a father with his son on a sunny day

My husband and son a few years ago. The original image is a photo that I scanned (yes, it was shot with a film camera!) and used as a template on Illustrator; I drew on it with the mouse to form color planes.

Right Now

In my dreams I see people long gone. Why are they coming back? I fight with Atfar because of his and my terrible bad temper, a fierceness we haven’t seen in ourselves, at least not to that extreme. I love people I hate. I hate people I love. All defies me. All wants me back.


Rare mix of roach and reptile: with short legs, long tail and large spiraled antennas

Between cockroach and reptile. Perhaps it is the representation of some dark area. Maybe it’s me trying to capture everything with my spiraled antennas. The strangest thing is that I hate cockroaches but I love reptiles. Yin and Yang.

Out and in

It happened to me twice, so weird… From which realities was I waking? Opening my eyes and not knowing who you were. Passing the first minute of the day with emotions that didn’t match my reality (of solitude, of abandonment). The feeling of having dropped from nothingness to that moment.