Rare mix of roach and reptile: with short legs, long tail and large spiraled antennas

Between cockroach and reptile. Perhaps it is the representation of some dark area. Maybe it’s me trying to capture everything with my spiraled antennas. The strangest thing is that I hate cockroaches but I love reptiles. Yin and Yang.

Out and in

It happened to me twice, so weird… From which realities was I waking? Opening my eyes and not knowing who you were. Passing the first minute of the day with emotions that didn’t match my reality (of solitude, of abandonment). The feeling of having dropped from nothingness to that moment.

The Way Of The Angel

A sun, a road and the horizon form what appears to be an angel with outstretched wings

Some time ago, I posted this picture in the spanish version of this blog. I translated for you the comments left at the time, they’re priceless.

Dessjuest: Very curious, with just a brief glimpse, two interpretations came to mind, one, a road, with the sun setting, the other, irreproducible for being so filthy, but the two came to me together.

pgatina: (ajhajhajh, to Dessjuest’s comment!!)
I loved the drawing, it has something from oriental calligraphy … and much calm.

Borgeano: The road is inevitable. Also Dessjuest. The title brings the ambiguity necessary to add richness to the drawing.

Dessjuest: I don’t believe it, really, nobody sees that angel is leaving turds on the road????


I want to lessen the dispersion, to go aloft. Where I reside, entire, altogether. I’m tired of attacking myself, of resisting myself, of hating myself. In my dreams (what are they?) I see myself playing every position, why is that so hard to see when I’m “awake”?

Naked With Flowers

A naked woman with very long hair, is showing her back and walks among flowers

I don’t particularly like being naked, I feel… I don’t know… like… naked. Who knows, maybe if the world were made of flowers.

Resting Dimension 3

The mob retreats at last, they are dressed funny so I laugh in my mind opening an enormous mouth which fills the entire room and eats everyone. Afterwards, the lights softens… some, the ones that make the environment sad; the others, the colored ones, come to life following the beat of the music. Ah… the music. I feel it in my body.

It is difficult to focus at first, for any song plays (or parts of songs rather); I hear them as the memories of my recent life pop in my head. In the end, I manage to choose one.


Perspective drawing of a donkey with a closeup of his face with bulging eyes

I don’t know why I got to draw a donkey, subconscious stuff I guess. I made several illustrations in this style, kind of fauve; they got out fast, as if from really deep inside of me.


He answered her: “I don’t need to do that, to manipulate the physical, to demonstrate my power in the material. Because I work from behind the dream, creating beforehand, no fuss. Why forcing things and breaking accepted laws, making myself evident, when going back in time and planting a new seed suffices.”


Three-quarter portrait of a smiling woman

A trip to Bariloche with friends and many photos, we all loved to carry our camera everywhere. Afterwards, in a day of rain and nostalgia, I made this pencil version of one of them.


She couldn’t believe what was happening. She wasn’t just one, but twenty personalities blatantly interrupting each other. And it didn’t just happen to her.

Stranded in that town in ruins, Pêch didn’t imagine that while the ugly and surly butcher who she was speaking to was preparing her order, a voluptuous teenager felt in his body the vibrations of the meat crushing in the grinder.