It sounds in the inside of his head, a replica of his outer voice. It tells him the most far-fetched things: “It’s weird. Everyone knows and says money pulls, pushes, restricts and opens doors. But it’s always thought of as something imposed from the outside: society or epoch. Few see it as an internal imposition. Amassed for generations. A calling that bristles your nape hair. Almost irresistible.”

Little hair

It started slowly to move. Obviously, I didn´t believe it at first … but yes, it was walking. I mean the cockroach. I froze so frozen I immobilized it. It stood looking at me for a while and then jumped. I mean, it was still hair. It was my hair with little legs (of hair) walking, with little eyes (of hair) staring.


Blue. Contouring my body. Blue in a dream, a dream in which we take hands. I wish I could remember it all, but there’s only flashes, ripped images seemingly disconnected. I know, only I don’t remember. I just feel you, as if this were the dream and we were sleeping together. Like a scent that penetrates this life from somewhere else.

Hadn’t I done it?

It occurred to me once or twice (it’s occurring to me quite often lately) that I get an idea of having thought of doing something and suddenly not remembering if I did it or not. It can be the most stupid thing, for example the other night I was having a shower and shaving my legs. My idea had been to shave my armpits first only I couldn’t remember if I had. I hadn’t… unexpectedly, the image comes to my head: the armpit, the razor, my hand passing it over … that’s it. My doubt is if the image that came to my head was a memory or a pure mind action that would replace the physical one. Because my armpit was hairless then and I, at the moment of not being sure of having done it, I was pretty not sure, almost certain.

I wish I could get deeply into the subject, start to experiment a little. But then something makes me forget, makes it an unimportant subject (as if a topic like that could become an unimportant one, the possibility of making our thoughts become action, with no physical mediation).